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If you wish to fully experience Thessaloniki like a local, then keep reading! Don’t get me wrong, exploring the city from a tourist’s perspective is great, but if you really want to get to know the city, you need to dig a little bit deeper. Whether you’re visiting for a few days or -if you are lucky- even more, you shouldn’t have to do it while carrying around suitcases, backpacks or shopping bags. City Lockers relieves you of that burden and helps you explore the city like an original urbanite. The moment you land at Thessaloniki Airport, City Lockers’ luggage storage will be ready to use in the palm of your hand! All you need to do is download the City Lockers app, create an account, drop off your luggage and start your stress-fee strolling!


If you were a local, you’d definitely be a regular here. Pantheon is known for its awesome aesthetics, high quality in spirits and food, as well as its good service. The interior is truly mesmerizing, the music makes it perfect for anyone who wishes to wind down and relax either to read a good book or to have a meal. Bear in mind that their brunch really is something else and it lasts ‘till 17.00.

Proxenou Koromila 8 & Karolou Ntil


Ano poli is a true urban gem and the essence of Old Thessaloniki. Cobble- paved alleys and traditional tasteful houses alongside with Byzantine / Ottoman era monuments create an enchanting neighborhood that you must visit. Tsinari is the place to go when feeling hungry! Their cuisine is authentic Greek, everything is fresh and tasty and the shrimp stew is to die for. Don’t forget to order some ouzo, it instantly elevates the whole experience.

Alexandras Papadopoulou 72


A Greek cuisine with a twist and with absolutely incredible dishes. Sempriko never disappoints, it lives up to its hyped name. Among the standouts, the eggplant salad and the rib-eye steak are worth mentioning, since they will leave you wanting to lick your fingers (and by all means, do so!)

Fragkon 2

Vari Peponi

Hands down, one of the best! A small, charming restaurant that resembles a bistro, offers a wide variety of wines and many food options. The music is great, the atmosphere is nice and warm and you will feel an urge to indulge in all the dishes this place has to offer. The waitress is eager to explain everything that comes on the menu and the day’s specials, without hesitation. The food will leave you wanting more and, in the end, you will reluctantly give your plates back, wishing there was more of what you had!

Apellou 4, Navarinou Square


One of the reasons this city is famous for its food, is this place! There’s a wide variety to choose from and everything is delightfully tasty. The salads are fantastic and the appetizers on the menu are never-ending. If you’re accustomed to high quality food, great service and stunning interiors, you’ll most probably enjoy your experience in Mpakal

Valaoritou 38

Bit Bazaar

A well-known destination for the citizens of Thessaloniki, Bit Bazaar is full of history! Check out the food, the antiques that are widely sold in the area and, of course, the wine that’s pretty much everywhere! You will find it hidden between Olympou and Venizelou Street. The warmth of this place will make you feel like a local!

Olympou and Venizelou Street


If you’re into partying, Berlin is the place to go. You’ll be so busy having fun, you won’t even realize how the night turns into the morning or how many drinks you had. Visit of the most historic bars of the city and have a blast!

Xrysostomou Smyrnis 8

Thessaloniki is magical and it will leave you in awe. Explore as much as possible and have fun!

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