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How to pack your suitcase like a pro: the essential tips

Luggage lockers in Thessaloniki

Are you tired of having to squeeze all of your stuff in a suitcase every single time you’re traveling? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Having to sit on your suitcase for it to close, is neither practical nor time-saving. Get rid of your old way of packing and adopt new, efficient one that will make even the most stubborn suitcases fit everything you want. We narrowed down some of our best packing tips, not to just make you look like a pro, but to actually make you a true master of packing! 

Sometimes, after you’ve carefully packed your things you have some free time before or after the airport and you want to wander around the city you’ve traveled to. If you start roaming the streets with your rolling suitcases, or even your backpack, you will be completely worn off by the end of the day, plus you won’t be enjoying yourself with all that carrying around! City Lockers is a game changer in the city of Thessaloniki that will let you arrange everything through an app and drop off your luggage for as long as a week. Luggage lockers in Thessaloniki are the most convenient thing ever and each and every traveler will absolutely adore it!
Treat your stuff with respect throughout the entire of your journey and plan everything ahead of time

So either you’re an over packer or someone with a thing for tidiness, keep reading.

Make a list

Pre-think what you will need, depending on where you’re going to! Lists may sound boring, yet they’re very good at keeping you organized and calm, since they will guide your packing process, making it less stressful!

Compression bags

Forget your old habit of piling up all of your clothes and then not being able to find what you’re looking for, when you reach your destination. Folding your clothes is totally obsolete and only rookies do it. And you definitely don’t want to look like a rookie, right? Roll your clothing to remove excess air and place them in the compression bags, mess-free!

Packing cubes

Save loads of space in your suitcase by using the life-saving packing cubes. Group you clothes in a variety of ways and satisfy your OCD in a very effective way. They also come in different sizes and they help you keep your stuff neat and tidy, without wrinkling your fabrics. And no one’s fond of ironing their clothes upon arrival, that’s for sure!  Another useful tip: if you can find cheap lavender sheets, they will add a tad of freshness inside the cubes. Thank me later!

All liquids in one place

Have you ever witnessed a leak in your suitcase, for which responsible are your liquids? Search for a durable, trust-worthy toiletries bag, that won’t fail you when it comes to keeping secure shampoos, moisturizers, soaps etc. That way, you won’t have to worry every time you travel and then anxiously check whether something accidentally exploded or not.

Buy lightweight suitcases & be aware of allowances

Always go for the lightweight suitcase! As luxurious they may seem, expensive, hard-shell suitcases are usually heavier than others, so purchase the one that’s lightweight and more likely to survive throughout the years. Also, every airline has its own baggage allowance, so check with them before you start packing bricks and cement and know your limitations.

Weigh your suitcases

It’s no secret that no one enjoys surprises at the airport nor paying excessive amounts of money to cover the difference of overweight baggage. Every time such a thing happens, most of us prefer to wear tons of clothes and walk around like Robocop (with an apparent difficulty in breathing), instead of paying the extra charge. Save your wallet and keep surprises at bay with luggage scales that allow you to weigh your bags, so that you will never again be above limits. 

Luggage lockers in Thessaloniki

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Bon Voyage!

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