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Shopping in Thessaloniki: The thrift shop project

I’ll wear your granddad’s clothes I look incredible I’m in this big a** coat from that thrift shop down the road.           

-Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, 2012 AD

City Lockers Thessaloniki

Thrift shopping is rapidly becoming more and more popular. Pre-owned means pre-loved, sustainable and affordable. Whether you’re looking for awesome clothing, furniture or random vintage things such as old, handcrafted suitcases, thrift shops are the place to start your exploration journey. You can discover incredible gems that will help you up your game, style-wise and by buying them, you’re actually giving them a second, or even a third, fourth etc., chance. And everyone loves a second chance, right? You’re visiting one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, you’re luggage-free (shout out to City Lockers Thessaloniki for that), you’re curious and you’re excited to be here! As you’re roaming the streets of Thessaloniki, you should definitely check some thrift shops out, start your thrift adventures and take part in this circle of recycled fashion. So, trust City Lockers with your precious cargo and thrift away, stress – free!


Are you looking for the perfect pair of jeans? Handover is the place to be! Handover is obsessed with stunning jeans that perfectly fit everyone’s sizes, personal preferences and styles. High- waisted, mid-rise, boot-cut, name it, they definitely have it! Not only will you find unique styles and colors, you will also find a wide variety of your favorite brands. As you’re digging out your next favorite piece of clothing, you can’t help but notice a vinyl junkie’s paradise! You’ll be glad to discover a colorful variety of vinyl records from all genres that you could be going through for hours and hours! Find the soundtrack you love in Thessaloniki, adopt it and bring it home!

Ippodromiou Square 3

Elephant Gang

As you’re walking by Ippodromiou square, Elephant Gang will catch your attention. Its vivid colors, its vintage vibe and its special shop window won’t fail to lure you in, where you will be spending, oh, so much time! Elephant Gang has unique vintage items -mainly from 1970 to 1990- and many famous quality brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Levis and so many more! Paying a visit is considered a must for all the vintage lovers out there!

Ippodromiou Square 18

Vaudeville. Room

City visitors should visit this vintage paradise. As its name suggests, vaudeville is a theatrical genre of variety entertainment born in France at the end of the 18th century. The moment you step your foot inside, you’re automatically transferred in a different era, probably around the 40s, and you instantly want to spend your time there, finding things that best match your style… and the options are truly never ending! All items placed on the shelves, are arranged in chronological order and they’re waiting to be owned and loved once again!

Karmpola 3

V For Vintage

No vendettas needed when it comes to choosing between fashion and affordability, because you can definitely have both. You will come across some pretty awesome mom jeans, blazers, high-end leather jackets, hats and so many more. If you want a taste of their greatness, you can find them online on their Facebook page, where they post some of the gems they have in their collection! Upgrade your vintage style with stunning second hand clothes and unique accessories that’ll make you feel as special as they are!

Armenopoulou 29

No matter whether you’re a professional thrift shopper or not, second hand shopping will make your personal style stand out and, in the meantime, it’s a sustainable solution, as opposed to fast fashion. Explore the city’s best vintage shops, feeling light as a feather, with City Lockers taking good care of all your personal belongings.

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