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The importance of planning ahead

One of the most exciting parts of traveling is planning your trip down to every detail beforehand. While planning your dream vacay, you’re building up excitement and everyone knows that there’s nothing better than the sweet anticipation of an adventure! Either you’re a complete control-freak and obsessed with detail or you’re a last-minute person, planning ahead is always a good idea if you want to make the most out of your trip and effectively manage your time. These tips will save you some time and money while you’re planning the perfect getaway!

Choose your destination wisely

Your decision should be made based on both your savings and your time! For instance, traveling from Australia to Europe while having 200€ in your pocket and only 5 days dedicated to exploring the place, would be a total no-no! So it’s pretty obvious that your destination should meet your budget and time and that you should plan your days accordingly. If you’re traveling solo, the decision-making process will be easier, but hey, some places are more fun when explored with good company! ☺ (No shame in solo traveling though, it’s awesome and fun)

Book your tickets

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t book your tickets a day before you travel, unless you ’re ridiculously rich and don’t care to spend a fortune for an uncomfortable, last minute economy seat. Compare all flights prices, since each airline offers a wide variety of prices depending on many factors. Some say that it’s cheaper to book your tickets on a Tuesday and I can confirm that rumor, since I also found out that booking tickets, for example, on a Saturday is expensive, whilst on the Tuesday after are more affordable and it’s probably a better alternative.


We all love a good, comfortable flight or a shiny limo to drive us around, however we can’t always afford such a luxury. Sometimes buses, trains, the metro, and tuk- tuks (why not?) are more environmentally friendly and undoubtedly cheaper than airplanes, however you will have to consider them when you can afford to lose some time in transportation.

Book your accommodation

Whether you’re interested in staying in a barn on a mattress of hay, or a 5* hotel that meets your craziest ‘needs’, you should always book your accommodation in advance, bearing in mind all of the facilities you need. If you’re planning to stay for quite some time, it would be better to book an apartment that offers benefits such as a fully functioning kitchen, so that you will cut down on your food expenses, have your own laundry and feel more comfortable like at home. Airbnb is always a good idea when it comes to finding the perfect apartment (or even a treehouse) and you can make up your mind while looking at the hosts’ reviews, so that you’ll know what you’re paying for. If you’re a young traveler, such as a student, and your budget is limited, hostel is the perfect option! It’s affordable, it’s everywhere, it helps you socialise with other curious youngsters and it offers all the amenities you need. It’s also important to mention bar-hopping events that make hostels –oh, so great! – Plan your accommodation carefully, so that you won’t have to worry -or worse- regret your choices!

Things to do

So you have successfully arrived at your dream destination! What’s next? Spontaneity is great, however you need to have a plan when it comes to things to do in your destination. Make a list with all the touristy places you want to check out and book out well in advance some of them, so you won’t have to stay lined-up in queues waiting for admission tickets. Not trying to undermine the importance of popular tourist attractions here, however I find less touristy places more interesting and exciting. Feeling like a local means you’ve blended in and you also avoided hectic places. Experience the city more authentically, stay away from the tourist traps and don’t hesitate to ask around! Even though it’s a good idea to complete your “to do” research beforehand, asking the locals for tips is awesome, since they know their city inside out. Seek restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters, flea markets and shops that are not as crowded as the touristy places.

Lockerbox Thessaloniki: Get rid of the things that hold you back

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