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Thessaloniki in 24 hours

Luggage storage Thessaloniki

Having to stay in a city for only 24 hours is a hard task, especially if there’s a multitude of places you’d like to visit. In Thessaloniki your options are endless, since the city offers great food, spirits, things to do and the first automatic left luggage facility in Thessaloniki. Plan your 24 hour itinerary in advance, so you won’t be totally clueless once you’ve arrived.

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If you were a local, you’d definitely be a regular here. Pantheon is known for its awesome aesthetics, high quality in spirits and food, as well as its good service. The interior is truly mesmerizing, the music makes it perfect for anyone who wishes to wind down and relax either to read a good book or to have a meal. Bear in mind that their brunch really is something else and it lasts ‘till 17.00.

Proxenou Koromila 8 & Karolou Ntil

Garden bar

Kick start your day with a great breakfast or brunch at Garden Bar. An exceptional value for money place, it won’t disappoint even the hungriest of travelers! Every day from 10.30-12.30 brunch is served and you’ll devour it down to the last bite!

Agiou Mina 16

Museum of Byzantine Culture

A personal favorite, an amazing place you definitely shouldn’t miss! A special museum in a very interesting building, designed to lead you seamlessly through the displays. Each room is filled with archaeological finds and astonishing art work that will leave you breathless. Watch out for the lovely mosaics that used to adorn the walls and floors of public buildings, churches and residencies. Walk through an actual chronological history lesson that offers audio guides and pay attention to the details of the murals, icons as well as the whole early Christian tombs. I could easily ramble on about this place for long, but the place speaks for itself, the hype is truly justified and it will come up to your expectations.

Leoforo Stratou 2

Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki

A very well laid out museum, feels like a treasure hunt! A very extensive museum with both permanent and temporary exhibitions which tell the tale of the city very accurately, even for those not interested in history and archeology in general. The museum covers early prehistoric times, through to ancient Greek and Roman eras, reaching to more recent times. The place is not one to be missed!

Manoli Andronikou 6


It’s time you took a lunch break from all that sightseeing! Generally speaking, Greece offers superb culinary delights and Thessaloniki is famous for its unique food culture. Enjoy the sea breeze while trying the delicious dishes of Agioli. The view and ambiance are great and the service is always excellent. The seafood risotto is highly recommended, as well as their awesome cabbage rolls! Pay them a visit and walk out all smiles ☺

Leoforos Nikis 15

White tower

Τhe city’s landmark is a must, since it’s played a very significant role in the development of the city. Don’t hesitate to walk up inside the 6 levels of the tower, stopping at each level to take a look at the incredible exhibitions from when it used to be a prison. Last but not least, the view of the city from the top is mesmerising!


Enohes bar – café 

Vintage aesthetics, amazing building and beautiful music all in one place! Another personal favorite, this one has a unique baroque style with a touch of modern art. You will instantly become friends with Enohoulis, the cat that pretty much owns the place! It’s a really good place if you want to relax and read a book, while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate (maybe a beer, if you’re anything like me) or even, if you just want to work on your laptop.

Navarinou Square 15

Maître and Margarita

No, we’re not gonna rave about one of the best books out there, but we’ll very much rave about an exceptional restaurant that will take you by surprise. An excellent choice if you’re seeking high quality traditional food and a cozy atmosphere, you will surely find it original and reasonably priced! 

Veroias 2


Cool aesthetics, great cocktails and a very pleasant ambiance. A renovated old building from the 19th century, known for its minimalism, this place really is something and you will love it! Grab a friend and enjoy your drink while dancing to some cool music!

Edessis 5

By the end of your day you will have realized that Thessaloniki is a unique city, full of history, great gastronomy, vibrant colors and cool people. The city’s history, dark and full of religious diversity, the combination of old & new, the seafront walks, the stunning sunset and the friendly atmosphere will get you sprung. There’s something about this city that will make you fall in love with it. I know I did!

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